About the Book


Ksenia and the World of Inspiration is the first book in the Bird with Blue Blood series and is based on the author’s real-life journey into the world of inspiration in a dream several years ago, after he was compelled to bring it to the real world. Overshadowed by a strange house lit in winter by an ethereal red light, the fearful city of Alyssum is uplifted by the music of Ksenia Stockton, a young girl who has a magical connection with the wonderful World of Inspiration, and the little blue bird that lives within it.
However, Ksenia quickly learns that the bird is not all he seems, and her love for him is tested after she learns his story of love and loss. Ksenia and the World of Inspiration follows one girl’s discovery that the line between the real and the imagined, as well as the dead and the living, is easily blurred.



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