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Mark David

the orphaned artist and the mermaid's eyes

Mark, an orphaned boy, formed a mysterious bond with the sea that led him to a world of magical journeys, where the blue of the sea became his main inspiration. As Mark grew up, he became a well-known artist of the sea, and the color blue began to shine in all his paintings. One day, a white rock appeared out of the seawater, carrying a mermaid. Mark saw green, purple, and blue in what he thought were the mermaid's eyes. Her beautiful eyes became his new source of inspiration instead of the sea's blue hue. Greens, purples, and touches of blue began to shine in all his paintings. The sudden disappearance of his inspiration led him to many adventures in search of her. Eventually, Mark realized that the colors, green, purple, and a bit of blue, held memories of the last happy moments he had with his parents, just before the sea took them when he was three. This finding made the artist face his old inspiration, the sea. In the end, the artist and his painting became one.

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